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Know our Electronic Health Record

What is it?

EHRs are real-time, patient-centered records. Our software make information available instantly, whenever and wherever it is needed. This product bring together in one place everything about a patient’s health.

Features of our software


  • Patient access to make appointments remotely or in person.
  • Patient registration.
  • Scheduled appointments.
  • Control panel for waiting room management.
  • HR administration.
  • Digitalization of existing documentation.
  • Centralization and unification of administrative data.
  • Process billing and collection information from health insurances and/or payers.
  • Optimization of staff working time.
  • Reduction in the use of paper and printing supplies.


  • Problem-oriented medical history.
  • Personal and heredofamilial history.
  • Summary of clinical histories.
  • History of care.
  • History of constants.
    – Graphic displays.
    – Growth and nutrition percentiles.
  • Pharmacological history.
  • Advanced search filter for diagnoses, vital signs, laboratory, images, pharmacological prescription, among others.
  • Attach clinical studies and photographic records.
  • Immunizations:
    – Digital vaccination card – Doses.
    – Coverage monitoring.
    – Planning of target groups.
    – Heat map of problem areas.
  • Pregnant women follow-up.
  • Follow-up of healthy children.
  • Planning of educational strategies of hygienic and dietary guidelines.
  • Preventive medicine – proactive by notifying patients of vaccinations, routine studies, follow-up of chronic diseases.


  • Admission of patients, referral to the operating room or hospitalization. Discharge.
  • Cold bed management.
  • Transfers to other institutions.
  • Control panel: diagnoses, events and problems.
  • Patient and nursing medical EHR.


  • Record of medical indications.
  • Procedures record.
  • Immunization Record.


  • Occupancy record of free, occupied and reserved beds.
  • Scheduling of admissions, discharges and inter-institutional transfers.
  • Patient identification by means of Qr bracelet
  • Issuance of Admission Reports (Therapeutic Medical Consent, Discharge Form, protocol consent, others).
  • Control panel of: diagnoses, events and problems. (ward pass)
  • Scheduling of specialized studies and interconsultations.
  • Scheduling of minimally invasive procedures or operating room.
  • Scheduling of physical, occupational and rehabilitation therapies.
  • Nutritional plan record.
  • Nursing Routing Sheet.
    – Registration and administration of drugs.
    – Registration of vital signs, water balances.
    – Nursing evolution notes.
    – Assistance caller (app or button)
  • Management of supplies and medications
  • Closure of hospitalization with reason for discharge and automatic generation of benefit codes according to days of hospitalization. Summary of services provided during hospitalization.


  • Management of operating room shifts and by type of operating room.
    – Requirements association (anesthesia type, monitoring, biopsy, rx, others).
  • Pre-surgical control (Check List) for surgery confirmation.
  • Record of surgeries performed.
  • Register of supplies used.


  • Laboratory.
    – Generation of Service Orders.
    – Integration with autoanalyzers for results capture. Manual loading of results.
  • Configuration of default normal values in reports.
    – Historical consultation of results by patient.
    – Lists of studies requested for inpatient sampling.
    – Printing of barcodes or QR codes.
  • Imaging.


  • Centralization and unification of supplies data.
  • Single or multiple warehouse management and management from peripheral pharmacies.
  • Minimum stock and replenishment point control.
  • Consumption statistics.
  • Traceability of supplies (expiration dates, expiration of certifications).
  • Electronic prescription.
  • Bar code and labels.
  • Physical location of the input.


  • Dynamic odontogram with individualized diagnosis per dental piece.
  • Integration with pharmacy for control and replenishment of supplies.
  • Generation of libraries, informed consent and procedures.

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