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Know our Electronic Social Record

What is it?

Social and behavioral determinants of health, such as poverty, homelessness, and limited social support, account for an estimated 40% of health burdens and predict critical health outcomes. Our ESR allows us to monitor these factors and allows us to manage social assistance.

Features of our software


Digitization of the administrative processes of health centers.

  • Scheduling of shifts.
  • Records of individual and family group needs.
  • Individual and family attendance records.
  • Valuation by social workers.
  • Interdisciplinary scheduling.
  • Ability to link documentation in different formats.
  • Registration in the place of survey (possibility of photographic registration).
  • Individual and family consumption history.
  • Editable socioeconomic record of the person and his/her family group.
  • Building registry of the home of the person and his/her family group.
  • Creation and follow-up of social programs to help neighbors.
  • Prioritization system of assistance to the neighbor.
  • Statistics and analysis.

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